Thursday, January 31, 2013

An update...

This is just a quick update as to where Effrin and myself stand in completing our goals to see the graves of the Presidential and Vice Presidential graves and where I stand on seeing the Tennessee Governors graves...

Vice Presidents

Governors of Tennessee

 Map Keys:
For Presidential and Vice Presidential Maps
Red - Visited by Josh
Blue - Visited by Effrin
Purple - Visited by Both
Green - Not Yet Visited
For Governors of Tennessee Map
Red- Visited
Blue- Not Yet Visited

Total Amount to Visit: 38
Visited:  Josh- 23  Effrin- 23 
Percentage complete: Josh & Effrin- 60.5%
Vice Presidents
Total Amount to Visit: 41
Visited:  Josh- 13   Effrin- 11
 Percentage complete: Josh- 32%  Effrin- 26.8% 
Total Amount to Visit:  46
Visited: 26
Percentage Complete:  56.5%

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