Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aliens, Confederates and Governors

You know, in thinking about my journey around the state to visit these graves something has become strikingly apparent and that is that despite the fact I was born and raised in the state of Tennessee, I've spent very little time really exploring it.

Major, paying his respects to William Campbell.
Case and point, a few weekends ago I was able to convince Amber and Major to visit the grave of former Governor and Union Civil War General, William Bowen Campbell,  with me in Lebanon, TN. Now for those of you unfamiliar with Tennessee, Lebanon sits about 20 miles outside of Nashville and is a straight shot out I-40 from my house. I have driven past Lebanon literally hundreds of times and visited a few shops at the outlet mall there but never seen what the town really has to offer. So on this visit we decided that after the graveyard we would drive into the town and check it out.

Monument to Robert Hatton on the Lebanon Town Square
The town square in Lebanon is quite quaint and seems to be mainly made up of either Law offices or Antique stores. There is also a monument to the Confederate Civil War General, Robert Hatton, and a reproduction of the original home that the town was built around. We spent a little time checking out the town square and visited an amazing Antique store called, Cuz's Antique Center. Now neither Amber nor myself are big antique fans or anything but any store that claims they house the head of an alien is worth a look (for more information this visit: here) . Another highlight of the store is the (potentially real) electric chair that is housed in the back of the place. If you ever find yourself in Lebanon swing by and check them out. While in the area we also decided to visit Cedars of Lebanon State Park, where Major spent some time swinging and we discovered a very nice community swimming pool, which we plan on visiting next summer.
The Alien head on display at Cuz's
I guess what I am saying is that we often spend a lot of time exploring new cities and towns when we are on vacation and neglect the things that are available to us everyday. While visiting the Governor's, from this point forward, I will make a trip into the closest town and spend a little time exploring because if we found an alien head in Lebanon, who knows what else is out there. 

Sidenote: Sometimes while visiting the grave of the Governor's I'm able to visit a few other graves of note in the same cemetery and I will do a profile of those individuals and share a few pictures as well.

Name: William Bowen Campbell
Birth: 1 February 1807
Death: 19 August 1867
Age at Death: 60 years, 6 months, 18 days old
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Lebanon, TN
Term in Office: October 16, 1851 – October 17, 1853
Pollitical Party: Whig
William Bowen Campbell was born on February 1, 1807 to David and Catherine Campbell in Sumner County, TN. He studied law under his cousin, former Virginia Governor, David Campbell and would open his law practice in Carthage, TN. In 1836, at the outbreak of the Seminole War, William would enlist and be raised to the level of Captain in a company commanded by William Trousdale.  Following the Seminole War, he would defeat his former commander in a bid for Congress, despite Trousdale’s relationship and endorsement by President Andrew Jackson.  After serving three terms in Congress ,he returned to Tennessee and became a Colonel during the Mexican War.  In 1851, William would run for Governor again defeating his former commander, William Trousdale.  He would be the last Whig to hold the Governorship of Tennessee. An opponent of secession he enlisted in the Union Army, where he served as a Brigadier General. Following the Civil War, he was again elected to Congress where he was a strong supporter of then President Andrew Johnson. He died on August 19, 1867.

Grave of Note #1
Name: Robert Hatton
Birth: 2 November 1826
Death: 31 May 1862
Age at Death: 35 years, 6 months, 29 days old
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Lebanon, TN 
Notability: U.S Congressman, Brigadier General- Confederate States of America

Robert Hatton was born on November 2, 1826, in Steubenville, OH, and would move at a very early age to Tennessee.  Studying at Cumberland University, he would become a lawyer and open a law practice in Lebanon, TN. A member of the Whig Party, he served first in the State Legislature and then ran unsuccessfully for Governor. In 1858, as a member of the Opposition Party, a party formed after the fall of the Whig Party that would fight against the expansion of slavery,  he was elected to serve in the United States Congress.  As an opponent of slavery he initially opposed secession but would enlist in the 7th Tennessee upon hearing that Lincoln planned on sending an army into the Southern States. Serving gallantry during the Peninsula Campaign be was raised to the level of Brigadier General in the Army of Northern Virginia. Before the Confederate Congress could confirm this promotion he was killed at the battle of Fair Oaks on May 31, 1862. Since Middle Tennesse was occupied by Union Troops  at the time of his death , he would first be buried in Knoxville until the end of the Civil War when he was re-interred at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

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