Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Cast

I figured since most of my trips will be made with other people I would start out by introducing the main players to you. So when I say, "Major, Tom and I went to see_____ grave", you'll know that I am not making a David Bowie reference.
Amber Love
Amber is my wife. She's not a big fan of history or graveyards (she's a weirdo, I know), but she is a big fan of me, so she will sometimes be my (un)willing accomplice and has proved herself quite good at locating graves based on pictures online--"Oh look this fence has what looks like spears on the top instead of  spikes"--she loves music (especially The Decemberists) and is great about letting me run off on my little history filled trips. She's completely amazing and I would be lost without her.

Major Knox
My little man is only 8 months old, but has already visited one President and six Governors with me. Truth be told he fell asleep before the actual grave visits but he made it to the graveyard and was with me so I'm still counting them. (In case you're wondering, yes, his middle name is from James K(nox) Polk, who is easily one of my favorite Presidents.) He enjoys terrorizing our cats, screaming at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason and jumping. He is the light of our world.

Tom (aka Dad) and Barbara (aka Mom)
My dad is interested in history and we've visited all of the Presidents from Tennnessee together so I am sure I will be able to convince him to check out some Governors with me.  He enjoys college football, westerns and spending time with his family. My mom will likely be playing a supporting role in this undertaking but has already helped out by steering me to graves over the phone. She's a fan of Facebook and of her four grandchildren. They're both fantastic parents/grandparents.

William (aka EWG)

William is probably the biggest history fan of all of my friends and he and I have set ourselves to the task of visiting all of the semi-major Civil War Battlefields in Tennessee (there are a lot more than you'd think) so anytime we make one of these trips I am making him visit the graves with me, which I have no doubt he'll enjoy. William is a music aficionado, talented writer and runs a great music blog called Guess What I'm Listening To? William is my brother (not literally but he might as well be).

Effrin Lucian (aka E)
As previously mentioned, Effrin is my main travel partner for the Presidential Grave visits and has seen all but two of them with me (Both of the Johnsons). He doesn't know it yet but I'm going to be enlisting him from time to time on the Governor trips as well. I'm sure he'll be down though.  Effrin has seen Phish 80 times and is an absolute marketing genius. Effrin is an amazing guy, a great 'uncle' to Major and one of our closest friends.

Well, there you have it, my main accomplices, the people that will keep me motivated, help me to pursue my dreams and hopefully one day accomplish them...they'll probably help me see some Governor's graves as well.

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  1. Hi there. I enjoyed meeting "the cast" in this entry. A reality show in which someone visits the graves of a bunch of governors is actually one that I would watch.

    And I'm going to check out William's blog as well.